Download your free essential timber engineering manuals now

A set of three comprehensive timber design and engineering manuals has been launched by Swedish Wood and Timber Development UK.

This three-volume set of books is an ideal career-long design companion for all levels of designer – from student to experienced professional.

Each volume is available free as a PDF download from and

Based on the popular Swedish design series Designing Timber Structures, the set has been brought fully up to date for the UK market, with industry experts covering all the latest developments.

At a time when timber is top of the agenda for decarbonizing construction, these manuals will provide the guidance to design safe, resilient and sustainable buildings.

The three publications in the Design of Timber Structures series are:

“These books are ideal reference guides for all of our members,” explains David Hopkins, Chief Executive of Timber Development UK, “and for anyone involved in timber engineering, construction and design.”

“It’s been great to work with Swedish Wood to make these available to the UK market and we look forward to producing further works together in the future.”

Download your free copy of Vol.1, Vol. 2 and Vol.3 here