UKCA Mark Update

The UK Government has announced the deadline for when businesses need to use the UKCA mark has been extended until 31 December 2024.

However, please be advised this currently does not extend to construction products. Construction products come under specific rules, which have not yet been amended.

On 14 November, an article on the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy website stated that:

“Businesses will be given an additional 2 years to apply new product safety marking, giving thousands of businesses the freedom to focus on growth”.

The article added that “there will be different rules for medical devices, construction products, cableways, transportable pressure equipment, unmanned aircraft systems, rail products, and marine equipment. Government departments responsible for these sectors are making sector specific arrangements”.

We are working closely with the Construction Products Association to push the Government for more clarity on this issue.

In the meantime, both the UKCA and CE mark remain valid and we advise members to continue business as usual until we have further updates from the Government.

If members have any questions, please contact