A Commitment To Quality

quality timber

TDUK member ante-holz is a leading European business selling sawn timber and timber construction products throughout Europe.

The ante Group has seven locations across Europe. Still family owned, it is one of the leading wood industry companies operating throughout Germany and Europe.

Founded as a lumber mill in 1927, the company now has more than 1,300 employees, providing state of- the-art wood products which are sold all over the world. These include sawn timber, KVH, BSH, and engineered framing products.

Wayne Probert, Sales & Development Director UK & Ireland at ante-holz, explains: “My role is to foster a strong presence for ante-holz in the UK and Irish markets, and to develop enduring and mutually beneficial trading relationships.

“ante-holz prides itself on its commitment to quality and sustainability. We understand that in an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, choosing the right timber source is crucial. Our dedication to sustainable forestry ensures that our products meet high-quality standards and contribute to a greener future.”

Natural garden products

The company’s timber products include terrace and construction timber, fences, pergolas, raised beds and garden furniture.

Its CLS and Battens are synonymous with durability and strength, making them suitable for a wide range of structural and finishing applications.

There is also Glulam, a versatile and robust engineered wood product suitable for various construction applications, and C24 carcassing, which is known for its structural integrity. CLT, or cross-laminated timber, is revolutionising construction projects by offering a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional building materials.

*This article is part of Supplying Timber Magazine #4