Add Some Canadian Warmth To Your Walls

The ColyerFergusson Building at the University of Kent

Canadian Clear-Faced Douglas Fir is a decorative plywood full of character. Its matured face and wild orange hue gives the panel an unmistakable grain that stands out in any building.

The Douglas Fir face veneer has a rich, complex variety in the heartwood, which ranges from warm yellow to dark brown. Its face can be further enhanced using clear lacquers and oils.

The strength and versatility of the panel makes it suitable for exteriors as well as interiors: it is used in fit out, wall lining and joinery projects, as well as furniture and structural uses.

Douglas fir

Douglas fir

Douglas Fir is CE marked to EN:13896/EN:636-3 standards; and the plies are individually bonded with a Class 3 EN:314 waterproof phenolic resin. This means the edges of the ply (when treated) can remain exposed without compromising the overall integrity
of the panel.The product also comes with an E1 formaldehyde rating.

Clear-Faced Douglas Fir Plywood is available exclusively from DHH Panel Products in the UK.

*This article is taken from issue 5 of Designing Timber magazine