Are your treatment plants and those of your suppliers independently audited?

TDUK is very pleased to announce that the final stages of the preservative treatment action plan are being implemented over the next few months.

At the National Softwood Division meeting in early September, committee members received confirmation from the Governing Board that the final timetable for members to implement the 2020 AGM decision for adoption of independent quality assurance on their treatment plants and those of their suppliers has now been confirmed.

The original implementation date of June 2022 as set out in the Code of Conduct had been postponed to allow members, the NSD committee and WPA members to work together in addressing the technical challenges posed.

The Governing Board have set the following priorities to concentrate on the structural, higher risk elements:

  • It is necessary for ALL remaining TDUK members and their suppliers who have not already done so to undergo an independent treatment plant audit by WPA Benchmark or equivalent before  31st December 2023.
  • This audit will consist of at least the Benchmark Approved Treater Audit for the plant and process controls. Plus a Benchmark Approved Product Audit for UC4 where the member is treating Fence Posts, Deck Joists or other designated UC4 products.
  • TDUK remains fully committed to independent auditing of UC3 products and want members to achieve this as soon as possible. Therefore, members who have not done so, should prepare for these audits by working with their treatment supplier to get samples of their UC3 products tested for compliance with the requirements of the WPA Code of Practice and/or BS 8417.
  • In order to ensure sufficient audit capacity over the next three months to achieve the first two priorities, the GB will seek to gather further evidence on the commercial preparedness of members and their customers before setting the final implementation date for compulsory UC3 product audits.
  • It is the intention of the GB to review the final implementation date for compulsory UC3 product audits in Q1 2024.

The TDUK and WPA teams are happy to help with any questions about these final implementation stages.

For questions on the TDUK Treatment Action Plan contact Nick Boulton

To book treatment plant audits or discuss treatment plant auditing contact Neil Ryan

You can view a full TDUK Trade Note on the Preservative Treatment Action Plan online.