Modern methods of construction use timber. Find out the ways wood is transforming construction and access best practice guidance.


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Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing techniques minimise disruption and the need for opening works when examining timber in-situ.

Timber Damage by Insects and Fungi

Different wood-decaying organisms feed on wood and can deface or degrade timber. When damage is found, identifying which insects or fungi are responsible both informs the repairs required and the approaches for future prevention.

New Model Building Guide

New Model Building sets out design principles demonstrating how mass timber can be used safely to construct residential buildings up to 18 metres in height. This overview Guide describes why we need the New Model Building and what it includes.

Timber Typologies – Understanding Options for Timber Construction

If timber is to realise its potential, we must know what we mean when we say timber.

Case studies

Distinguished by a dramatic saw-toothed roofline, the King’s Cross Sports Hall was designed by Bennetts Associates to serve residents of the new King’s Cross development.

The new Maritime Museum, completed in 2002, is set between the town centre and the large warehouses of the docks. Here it provides a focus for local identity and attracts the visitors on which the Cornish economy now depends.