Modern methods of construction use timber. Find out the ways wood is transforming construction and access best practice guidance.

Timber is at the heart of a revolution in building. Our members are pushing forward best practices around the use of timber and ensuring that this material is put to best use. This means buildings which last and transform with their users.


UK Construction Week
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    UK Construction Week (UKCW) is the UK's largest built environment event.

04 - 06 October
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Featured resources

Decorative timber flooring

Explore different aspects and benefits of using decorative timber flooring, where different species provide its own appearance and performance

Timber in joinery

Read on the different uses and characteristics of joinery, non-structural timber, and the various uses in windows, doors, staircases, to mention a few.

Timber frame design for flood-prone sites

Understand the importance of timber frame construction that is adaptable in places where flooding has a chance of happening and the timber frame building is flood resilient.

Timber cladding for building refurbishment

Understand the advantages and benefits of refurbishing buildings with timber cladding

Case studies

In 2015, the architectural practice Squire and Partners purchased a dilapidated three storey department store in the centre of Brixton.

In 2019 an explosion of colour appeared on the sedate lawn of Dulwich Picture Gallery. It was the Colour Palace, a timber pavilion painted in exuberant geometric patterns and stripes in a kaleidoscope of zinging neon colours.