Can You Confidently Construct A Timber Building?

Timber building

You are not alone if your honest answer is “no”. Timber construction has not been taught in depth at any university for the past 20 years. But TDUK are changing that.

We are working with NMITE and Edinburgh Napier University to deliver courses to upskill you and your staff, wherever you sit in the design or delivery team.

You can now sign up for the award-winning Timber TED1 courses which run online and in person at NMITE’s purpose-built Centre for Advanced Timber Technology in Hereford.

These 12-week blended courses, which won the BE-ST Green Skills Award, are the first of many derived from our Timber in Construction Skills Action Plan.

They have already seen 35 participants graduate with improved timber knowledge – from seed to sapling, forest to sawmill, timber product to design, specification to completed construction. Not to forget all the sustainability credentials, design technology and software behind timber construction that participants develop expertise in. And then there’s the network of peers across supply, design, engineering and construction that you become part of.

  • Timber TED1 runs from 5 February to 1May 2024 and takes you on a learning journey from the seed, progressing into timber as a sustainable construction material.
  • Timber TED2 runs from 13 May to 31 July 2024 and expands your knowledge on timber design, construction & technology, and manufacture

If you would like to learn more, then contact Tabitha Binding, TDUK’s Head of Education and Engagement.

If you would like to attend the latest TED1 cohort’s graduation ceremony on Wednesday 6 December from 1pm, you can register via Eventbrite

Further information about the courses is available from the NMITE website.

“All architects should take this course. It will improve the way we work and design”

Dominika Kubieniec, Architect at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

“The course was brilliant and has completely reshaped my perspective on sustainability. The support provided by the team was great and made the learning experience even more enjoyable!”

Marc McCutcheon, Donaldson Timber Systems

“I am delighted to have completed the TED1 Timber Engineering and Design Course. What an enjoyable way to future-proof my skillset in the concepts of sustainability and timber construction”

Gerard Clarke, FastHouse


*This article is taken from the new issue of Designing Timber magazine