The Black & White Building

Exterior detail of the Black & White Building

The Black & White Building

This engineered timber office building is both simple yet highly innovative. Each component is designed to work as efficiently as possible, creating an honest design without any excess.

Standing 17.8m tall, with six storeys and a basement level, the Black & White Building is an ingenious example of timber construction. It is testament to the commitment of a whole team – client, architect, engineer and consultants – working collaboratively to realise an ambitious project.

The client – workspace providers The Office Group – required an office space with built-in adaptability, one which allowed for future layout changes, at a site in Shoreditch, East London.

At the time it was completed, in December 2022, it was the tallest timber office building in central London. There are concrete foundations and a slab, but above that everything bar the connections is made of timber.

Its commitment to timber is consistent: the building has a timber frame and core, and timber floor slabs, external party walls, curtain walling and solar shades.

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