CITB to carry out occupational review in the wood, carpentry and joinery sectors

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is about to undertake an occupational review on behalf of the wood occupations, and carpentry and Joinery sector.

The review will include the development of Training Pathways and Competence Frameworks, as well as the review of 30 National Occupational Standards (NOS).

As the standards setting body, CITB works in partnership with key stakeholders and practitioners from across the construction industry to ensure standards define the competency requirements, are relevant, and are fit for purpose. These standards can then inform the qualifications and apprenticeships for your industry.

The review and development process is a regulated process that involves CITB facilitating consultation working groups with industry experts to tap into occupation specific knowledge and expertise. As part of a collective National Working Group, participants will have the opportunity to influence skills and competency requirements, and shape the future of the industry.

TDUK’s Head of Education and Engagement, Tabitha Binding, has been asked to take part in the review.

The full list of NOS to be reviewed are:

  • COSVR05 – Install frames and linings
  • COSVR06 – Install side hung doors
  • COSVR07 – Install door ironmongery
  • COSVR08 – Install internal mouldings
  • COSVR09 – Install first fixing components
  • COSVR10 – Install second fixing components
  • COSVR11 – Erect structural carcassing components
  • COSVR12 – Maintain non-structural carpentry work
  • COSVR14 – Produce setting out details for routine products
  • COSVR15 – Mark out from setting out details for routine products
  • COSVR16 – Manufacture routine products
  • COSVR20 – Install shopfitting frames and finishings
  • COSVR21 – Install shopfitting fitments
  • COSVR22 – Install shopfronts and finishings
  • COSVR25 – Maintain non-structural or and structural components
  • COSVR28 – Produce CAD setting out details
  • COSVR30 – Set out structural timber framework
  • COSVR31 – Fabricate structural timber framework
  • COSVR60 – Assemble and erect heavy timber framework (post and beam)
  • COSVR289 – Erect timber walls and floors
  • COSVR290 – Erect timber roof structures
  • COSVR628 – Set up and use transportable cutting and shaping machines
  • COSVR629 – Install low level timber decks
  • COSVR630 – Install elevated timber decks
  • COSVR631 – Erect roof structure carcassing components
  • COSVR632 – Manufacture bespoke products
  • COSVR633 – Set up and use fixed machinery
  • COSVR634 – Produce setting out details for bespoke products
  • COSVR635 – Design and fabricate structural timber connections
  • COSVR636 – Fabricate post and beam components

The first meeting will take place in the next few weeks.

If you would like to comment on the consultation, or be kept up-to-date on the findings, please contact Tabitha Binding for more information.