Come join us at Futurebuild!

Timber Development UK will be at the Futurebuild Exhibition in London this week to help raise awareness of the Timber in Construction Roadmap and the need to avoid greenwashing.

TDUK Chief Executive David Hopkins, and Sustainability Director Charlie Law, will both be speaking at the event, which focuses on building a better and more sustainable future for the built environment.

On Thursday 7th March at 1:15pm, the Confederation of Timber Industries will be hosting a seminar ‘Outcomes of The Government’s Timber in Construction Roadmap’, focusing on the recent Timber in Construction Roadmap launched by the Government. The event will focus on the outcomes and solutions needed to safely increase the supply and use of timber in construction. The seminar is chaired by Andrew Carpenter, Chief Executive of the STA. David Hopkins, Chief Executive of TDUK, and Alex Goodfellow, Chair of CTI and CEO of Donaldson Offsite will also be speaking as part of the panel.

On Thursday 7th March at 1:15pm, TDUK Sustainability Director Charlie Law will be speaking as part of a discussion titled ‘Governance as the Keystone: Fostering Synergy Between Marketing and Sustainability in the Built Environment’. This session aims to examine the critical role of governance in harmonising sustainability initiatives with marketing strategies, within organisations in the sector.

The panel, comprising Charter signatories, will place a special focus on how effective governance can establish a foundation for a culture where sustainability and marketing departments collaborate effectively. This is essential for ensuring authentic practices and transparent communication.

Attendees will gain insights into the significance of establishing robust governance frameworks and ethical cultures to prevent greenwashing. The session offers valuable perspectives on how organisations in the built environment sector can strike a balance between their environmental ambitions and operational realities, thus building trust both internally and externally.

Chaired by Charlie Martin of the Anti-Greenwash Charter, speakers include Syra Harrison, Sentry Doors; Charlie Law, Timber Development UK; Jamie Shaw, Karndean Group; and Timothy Clement, Morgan Sindall Construction.

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