Could you participate in a Department for Business & Trade study?

The Department for Business and Trade is looking to hear from companies within the timber and construction sectors, especially SMEs, to better understand how they currently get access to UK regulations on timber and how the government’s new digital transformation project can help.

The Smarter Regulation Directorate in the Department for Business and Trade is currently developing an online platform that hopes to publish UK regulation data in one place and in a machine-readable format. We hope that this will help support regulatory compliance in the construction sector by making that data easier to find, search through and for innovative companies to create new compliance solutions to help businesses.

The Open Regulation Platform (ORP) will create an enriched, dynamic and machine-readable dataset of documents and data published by UK regulators. The ORP is currently in its beta phase, being developed in collaboration with regulators. It will be accessible online and through an API in 2024-2025, supporting the development of new tools and solutions that can help business achieve regulatory compliance.

The Department is now looking for any UK companies working within the construction sector, of any size, to participate in a study. They are keen to find out:

1. More about your organisation and what you do
2. How you access and comply with UK regulation
3. Whether you would use their platform or third party compliance solutions (they will provide a brief demonstration)

The team is hoping to conduct 5-10 virtual user research interviews over the course of one hour in February or March. They are also able to provide a written survey for those who wish to participate.

The session will be recorded solely for research purposes. All personal and commercial information, including your identity, will be anonymised and will remain confidential.

If you are interested, please reach out to them on

They will then send through a consent form, along with a brief introductory survey to help direct preparations for the interview.