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Moisture-proof CLT construction without a full temporary shelter

The publication Moisture-proof CLT construction without a full temporary shelter provides guidance on how to handle CLT elements when building without a full shelter. It is intended to help project planners and builders achieve an industrial and dampproof CLT build.

CLT Handbook

The CLT Handbook is to help structural engineers and architects to design structures using cross-laminated timber (CLT).

Joinery handbook – for softwood furniture production

Aimed at small carpenters, students, and at the larger companies working in the production and design of furniture and furnishings mainly in softwood.

Design of timber structures Volume 1

The book series Design of timber structures Volume 1–3 has been produced to make it easier for structural designers to calculate timber structures and it is adapted to Eurocodes. It is being used for higher education at universities and institutes.

Case studies

Cowan Court was needed to house Churchill College’s growing undergraduate numbers, many of whom had to live offsite. It was also important that the building would centre the students in the campus, would be environmentally sound and fit within its historic surroundings.

The new Maritime Museum, completed in 2002, is set between the town centre and the large warehouses of the docks. Here it provides a focus for local identity and attracts the visitors on which the Cornish economy now depends.