engineerTimber – Designing Timber Beams & Joists

This is the second webinar in engineerTimber, a series of seven CPD webinars providing an introduction to structural engineering in timber.

This session will give an overview of the flexural design of solid section timber joists and beams, with restrained and unrestrained zones respectively, including associated checks on shear including bearing strength and deflection analysis. A worked example will highlight key assumptions, signpost design code clauses and suggest further reading.

The presentation will be delivered by Aled Davies, director of postgraduate teaching at the School of Engineering, Cardiff University, and Gavin Knowles, chartered structural engineer and lecturer at the University of Bath.

When: Tuesday 12 September, 13.00 – 14.00

Where: Online


Presentations by Aled Davies and Gavin Knowles | 45 minutes

Q & A with attendees


Aled Davies – Director of Postgraduate Teaching, School of Engineering Reader, Cardiff University

Gavin Knowles – Chartered Structural Engineer and Lecturer, University of Bath

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    The second webinar in our engineerTimber series will discuss the design of timber joists & beams

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