engineerTimber – Designing Timber Columns

This is the third webinar in engineerTimber, a series of seven CPD webinars providing an introduction to structural engineering in timber.

Presented by Vikki Edmondson (Northumbria University) and James Norman (Bristol University), the webinar will focus on the process of designing timber columns – the vertical supports of a building.

The two speakers will introduce ideas like buckling and bearing, with a hands-on, practical approach, and will then go through some simple calculations. The lecture will contain technical content, but will also provide shortcuts and tables for those from a non-engineering background.

When: Tuesday 19 September, 13.00 – 14.00

Where: Online


Presentations by Vikki Edmondson and James Norman | 45 minutes

Q & A with attendees


Vikki Edmondson – Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering, Northumbria University

James Norman – Professor of Sustainable Design, University of Bristol

  • Event short description (used on home page):

    The third webinar in the seven-part series will focus on the process of designing timber columns