engineerTimber – Detailing with Timber

This is the sixth webinar in engineerTimber, a series of seven CPD webinars providing an introduction to structural engineering in timber.

Presented by civil engineer Beth Williams and structural engineer Toby Maclean, this webinar will delve into how timber buildings should go together. It will look at what happens at the junctions between floors, roofs and walls, and consider how to ensure good practice that will lead to durable and robust buildings.

With a focus on the construction typology for low-rise buildings, discussions will cover: the advantages of timber in different forms; detailing against the risks of moisture and fire; acoustics; and thermal performance.

When: Tuesday 10 October, 13.00 – 14.00

Where: Online


Presentations by Beth Williams & Toby Maclean | 45 minutes

Q & A with attendees


Beth Williams – Civil Engineer and Passivhaus Designer, Build Collective

Toby Maclean – Structural Engineer, Allt Envrionment

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    The sixth webinar in our engineerTimber series will delve into how timber buildings go together

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