engineerTimber – Intro to Structural Timber Properties & Usage

This is the first webinar in engineerTimber, a series of seven CPD webinars providing an introduction to structural engineering in timber.

Delivered by bio-based structural design expert David Trujillo and Ramboll director Alan Dowdall, this session will explore what can be achieved with timber design and provide the basis for understanding the unique characteristics of timber as a structural material.

Our two speakers will cover how timber is affected by direction of load application, moisture content, load duration, and fire. They will also touch on the benefits of building in timber, how the industry works and delivering timber projects.

When: Tuesday 5 September, 13.00 – 14.00

Where: Online


Presentations by Alan Dowdall and David Trujillo | 45 minutes

Q & A with attendees


David Trujillo – Assistant Professor, Coventry University / Head of Biomaterials, Atelier One

Alan Dowdall – Director and Timber Design Lead, Ramboll

  • Event short description (used on home page):

    This webinar will explore the unique characteristics of timber as a structural material

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