Learn how to calculate your carbon footprint – Energise Net Zero Club

Timber Development UK partners with Energise to offer members exclusive access to their Net Zero Club service.

Join TDUK on Tuesday 11 April to hear how the Energise Net Zero Club can help you to understand and record your organisations energy use and calculate your carbon emissions.


Charlie Law, TDUK Sustainability Director
TBA, Energise

Who should attend:

Timber industry association members who want to understand how to calculate their carbon footprint and set achievable targets and reduction measures – Sawmillers, Importers, Product Manufacturers, Merchant, Specifiers.

More information:

The timber industry is uniquely placed to deliver the Net-Zero Carbon agenda, however to do this we need to understand and reduce our operational emissions. The Net Zero Club from Energise will help you:

  • Produce a Carbon Footprint – Working with our Consultants and Analysts, we’ll produce your organisation’s annual carbon footprint across GHG Scopes 1, 2 & 3 to produce a foundation to build action plans from as well as ongoing reporting. Access to our digital platform, Net Zero Hub, means you are able to produce more regular reporting.
  • Create a Reduction Plan – By modelling various scenarios including expected technology advancements, rate of implementation and top down policy change, our Consultants will work collaboratively with you to identify a suitable, achievable Net Zero target.
  • Set a Net Zero Target – Our Consultants will assess available opportunities to your organisation, sector and operations, and make personalised recommendations on how your Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions can be reduced.
  • Choose Responsible Offsets – Via the Net Zero Hub platform, you’ll gain access to a bank of curated offset projects that work for you, the planet, and the communities they are rooted in. If certain requirements are met, we’ll provide a free of charge PAS2060 certificate to confirm your carbon neutrality.
  • Offer Personalised Insights – With all your carbon related data and plans held in our Net Zero Hub, you’ll have access to reporting to monitor status and progress as well as personalised insight pack including footprint poster and action plan diagram to engage and education your team, customers and stakeholders.


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    Timber Development UK partners with Energise to offer members exclusive access to their Net Zero Club service.