Responsible Sourcing Webinar

Responsible Sourcing webinar with Charlie Law – Timber and Carbon webinar for Specifiers

When: Friday, 16 February 2024.
Time: 13:00  – 14:00
Where: Online

Why You Need to Know about Timber and Carbon?

Timber is the ultimate low carbon material.  However, if we are to meet our net zero carbon commitments, it will be required in ever increasing quantities to build the low carbon structures of the future. To ensure a project’s carbon targets are met, both embodied and operational carbon must be measured to produce a whole life carbon assessment. There are approved standards that need to be followed when assessing the whole life carbon impact of an asset, and particular rules within these standards to be followed where timber elements are included. In order to meet growing demands for timber in construction, we also need to make the very best use of this valuable resource by following circular economy design principles.

By attending this webinar, you will learn the key principles of assessing timber within a whole life carbon assessment and the circular economy design principles that can be used.

 What you will learn from this CPD?

  • Why carbon should be measured?
  • Carbon related impacts of timber
  • Importance of responsible timber sourcing
  • Assessing carbon in timber EPDs
  • Assessing carbon in buildings
  • Timber and the circlar economy
  • Timber industry Net Zero Roadmap

The webinar will be presented by Charlie Law of Sustainable Construction Solutions, who has over 30 years experience in the construction sector with extensive industry knowledge having worked for BAM, Kier and Lendlease. Charlie is also Head of Construction & ESG at the Pallet Loop and Sustainability Director at Timber Development UK (TDUK).

Watch the space for further webinar dates with Charlie Law.

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    Responsible Sourcing webinar with Charlie Law – Timber and Carbon webinar for Specifiers.