TDUK and PEFC one-day training

TDUK together with PEFC UK are running a one-day workshop giving you the opportunity to learn about how certification can benefit your company and how it all works.

The training will be delivered by Alun Watkins, the Executive Director of PEFC UK. Join us on the 22nd November at the Building Centre, London 10am – 4pm

This is a FREE training event for all TDUK members. Click here to register or email Xiao at

The one-day training will include:

Background to certification – PEFC and FSC history, development, accreditation and the endorsement process. Including the main differences between the schemes

Statistics and coverage – Global figures, PEFC National Governing Bodies, National standards and contacts

Sustainable forest management – PEFC ST 1003;2018 overview and benefits

Chain of custody – PEFC ST 2002: 2020

Terms and definitions including material category – certified, controlled sources, recycled – possible case study and Q & A

Management systems required for a chain of custody system

Identification of inputs and declaration of outputs – including validation of certificates and what to look for on delivery documents

CoC methods – Physical separation, Percentage and Credit

Due Diligence System – possible case study and Q & A

Multi-site and group schemes

Trademark use – PEFC ST 2001:2020 – use of logo and labels

Audit requirements and role of certification bodies

Sourcing policy/specification – Template policies, CPET, TPP and construction standards such as BREEAM and National Building Specification

For Specifiers, e.g. construction company – Examples on how to check deliveries/record keeping/project certification etc.



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    Come learn about the new online offerings of TDUK

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