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Timber and fire safety | Learn about our new resource

Gain insight into the principles of fire safety when designing and construction timber buildings from the creators of our latest resource, https://timberfiresafety.org.

About this event

On 1 March, the timber industry (Swedish Wood, Timber Development UK, and Structural Timber Association) launched a comprehensive new fire safety website: Fire Safety. Wood in Construction.

This is a new tool which aims to give users a single point of access to information and guidance on this multi-faceted and safety-critical subject. It is designed for all construction professionals and is available, free, at https://timberfiresafety.org

Supported by the timber industry, this resource was developed by a group of technical and industry experts from the UK and Sweden independently, providing verified introduction to timber and fire safety information.

With this new resource, the timber industry is hoping to support users by building confidence in the approach of architects, engineers, contractors, installers and all other related parties around the principles of timber and fire safety.

Referencing European standards where appropriate, but with a focus on UK regulations and standards, the site is designed so that a range of different users can explore subjects at different levels of detail as relevant to their role and interests.


Introduction (David Hopkins, Timber Development UK) | 5 minutes

About this new resource (Prof Julie Bregulla) | 10 minutes

How to use the website (Prof Julie Bregulla) | 5 minutes

Overview of the principles of designing for fire safety (Prof Julie Bregulla) | 15 minutes

Overview of the managing construction for fire safety (Prof Julie Bregulla) | 15 minutes

Audience questions | 10 minutes

Speaker profiles:

Julie Bregulla | Professor and Director of Innovation at TEDI-London.

Chair of TC250/WG6 horizontal group robustness of structures, and member of Standing Committee on Structural Safety (SCOSS). Before joining TEDI-London, Julie was BRE’s (Building Research Establishment) Executive Director of Fire and Building Technology Group and BRE Group Technical Director until 2021. With over 20 years’ experience working in construction, consulting and certification she remains active in the research and assessment of construction products and systems, including timber. She is a member of TC250 Design of Structures (the ‘Eurocodes’) and active in national mirror committee work. She co-chairs of the ICE community advisory board on engineering fundamentals (ICE) and holds board positions.


Author of over 350 reports, papers and industry briefing covering various aspects of structural and fire engineering, co-author of ICE ‘In Plain Sight’ and current member of editorial board of Forensic Engineering.

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    Gain insight into the principles of fire safety when designing and construction timber buildings.

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