Everything you need to know about timber

Timber Development UK is working tirelessly to introduce new timber resources for merchants, builders and everyone involved in the timber supply chain. CEO David Hopkins explores the latest additions.

At TDUK we believe that providing merchants and their customers with access to valuable information about building with timber is fundamental to driving innovation and fostering sustainable practices in the timber supply chain.

Part of our remit is to support the industry by building the largest, most comprehensive online library of technical specification and design guidance for our members. That’s why we are constantly working to create new resources to support merchants on their timber journey.

Our latest addition is our Wood Species Library, which has been upgraded with the introduction of downloadable PDFs for each wood species page. The Wood Species Library introduces 139 timber species, detailing their characteristics, uses, aesthetic qualities, durability, density and much more.

The new PDFs make this information even easier to access in a format that’s easy to share, print and read. Whether you’re compiling research for a customer, training other colleagues, or seeking answers to common customer queries, the PDFs provide a portable solution.

A database of products

Also new to TDUK’s website is our Wood Products Database, which offers an in-depth look at the most common timber products that can be used across every area of the built environment. The fully searchable database includes a wide array of information across a number of different wood product categories, including:

  • Wood for construction
  • Wood for interiors
  • Wood for exteriors
  • Wood packaging and pallets
  • Wood for fuel
  • Timber ancillaries.

Within these categories, you can find information on common types of timber, dimensions, standards and certifications, appearance grading, treatments, availability, species, and much more, all in a straightforward, easily readable format.

Find your timber partner

Also available as an exclusive benefit to merchants who join TDUK is our new ‘Find Your Timber Partner’ business directory – a one-stop shop for anyone wishing to build with timber.

The directory brings together the largest collection of timber suppliers, designers, builders, merchants and other specialists in the UK, helping to connect TDUK members with each other. Find Your Timber Partner allows you to update, create and add your own content, which will appear throughout the TDUK website. It is a valuable platform for you to promote your product, your business and your services directly to both existing and new customers.

TDUK is already the industry’s primary source for all things timber, and this directory will be the go-to source for anyone seeking to connect with other businesses in the timber supply chain, including developers, housing associations, or homeowners seeking to initiate a project using timber, as well as those seeking products for their projects.

We can link case studies back to contributing members, articles to companies, and books or other knowledge back through to the organisations who supported them. The visibility and design of these profiles pages is focused on attracting attention and sales; acting as a product, knowledge, and design showcase – becoming a shop window into your business.

All TDUK’s members can use the Directory to better market your expertise across our channels to more than 1,500 other TDUK members.

Merchant Guide to Selling Timber

Created specifically for timber and builders’ merchants, the Merchant Guide to Selling Timber is a comprehensive resource from TDUK to help merchants maximise their sales of timber and timber products. Free to download, the Guide includes an overview of the benefits of timber as a construction material, as well as separate sections dedicated to all the different types of timber, including:

  • Plywoods
  • Hardwoods
  • Panel and sheet products
  • Structural and framing timbers
  • Machined softwoods
  • MDF mouldings
  • Modified woods
  • Decking, fencing and landscaping products.

Within each section you’ll find an outline of the main product types and uses, as well as details of the common timber species used for different applications. Key facts around sustainability, safety and quality are included for each product type, along with details of the relevant certifications and British and European standards.

You will also find top tips around availability and lead times, as well as key questions you may wish to ask your customers. Crucially for merchants, each section also includes suggestions on how to upsell different timber products, as well as complementary products you may wish to consider stocking, such as the fixings, adhesives, paints and PPE that could add significant value to any timber sale.

You can find all these resources, and many more, plus all the latest timber industry news and up-to-date market statistics, online by exploring this website.