Find your next timber partner

TDUK’s latest member benefit makes it easier than ever for you to find the right timber company to do business with – from right across the supply chain. Here’s how you can access our exclusive member directory.

Our new Business Directory – Find Your Timber Partner – will become the UK’s largest directory for all businesses across the timber supply chain – a one-stop shop for anyone wishing to build with timber. 

The directory will bring together the largest collection of timber suppliers, designers, builders, merchants and other specialists in the UK. It will be a valuable platform for you to promote your product, your business, your services and your story directly to your customers – available to you now as part of your membership to Timber Development UK.

Find Your Timber Partner puts you in control, giving you the ability to define information about who you are and what you do. It does this by allowing you to update, create and add your own content, which will appear throughout the TDUK website.

How this will help your business

TDUK is already the industry’s primary source for all things timber, and this directory will be the go-to-source for anyone seeking to connect with businesses in the timber supply chain, including developers, housing associations, or homeowners seeking to initiate a project using timber, as well as those seeking products for their projects.

With strong internal linkages throughout our website to these profiles, we can link case studies back to contributing members, articles to companies, and books or other knowledge back through to the organisations who supported them. The visibility and design of these profiles pages is focused on attracting attention and sales; acting as a product, knowledge, or design showcase, and another shop window into your business.

TDUK is growing rapidly, and we want you to benefit. Wherever you are in the supply chain, whether a supplier, specifier, or anywhere in between, if you’re a TDUK member, you can use our Directory to better market your expertise across our channels.

How to update your profile

Our team has activated your profile so you can start to benefit and add more details about your business right away. Your profile already features basic ‘about’ and ‘contact’ information, as well as featured content where you have worked with our editorial team, and now you can expand your profile by adding details of your Products and Projects.

LOG-IN, AND CLICK ‘MY ACCOUNT’: From your member portal you can update information about yourself, see your events or committees, or update your organisation’s profile.

SELECT YOUR COMPANY PROFILE: From your account, either click below your name, or if you select ‘Roles’, view the company (or companies) for which you have update access.

START EDITING: Editable fields are shown by a pencil symbol. Click it to open the panel.

START WITH YOUR BASIC INFO: Basic information you add to your profile is required before to get online. This includes your Logo, Business Type, About Me, and Email. Once you have completed this, it should automatically sync across to your public profile overnight.

ADD PRODUCTS AND PROJECTS: Submit your own content, whether projects, products, or services, by selecting one of the blue buttons. You can also update and check the publishing status of content you’ve previously submitted. Top Tip: Changes to your profile will sync across to our main website every six hours.

USE THE FORMS: Selecting ‘Add Product’ or ‘Add Project’ will take you to our forms, which are designed to be intuitive. They include helpful links and drop down menus to place your product, service, or project in the right categories. Top Tip: Tag your timber partners to give them credit on projects.

SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL: After being approved, content will appear on your profile, and be featured on our channels. Note: approval may take two to three business days. Top Tip: To be approved, your content must be compliant with CCPI and the Anti-Greenwash Charter.

COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE: Adding three projects and four products helps maximise your exposure across our channels.

CONNECT WITH OUR EDITORIAL TEAM: Content you work on with our editorial team is also featured on your profile, and can appear in our magazines. You can contact us at or on 020 3205 0067.