Former timber yard totally transformed… by timber

Newson's Yard interior: a shopping arcade with timber clad ceiling and walls, and brick columns

Newson’s Yard is a new hub for top-end retail and restaurants. It is a refurbished and reimagined former timber yard, nestled in London’s Pimlico Road Design District.

The site was developed by Grosvenor, with Stiff + Trevillion as architect and Heyne Tillett Steel as structural engineer.

Timber then, timber now

With a nod to its former function, timber was a key material in the refurb.

“A detailed survey of the building, prior to design work, showed the old timbers were actually in quite good condition,” explains Rob Mills of Heyne Tillett Steel. “But the task of incorporating them, and the retained brickwork, into the new structure was extremely complex.”

A hybrid solution, built offsite, was decided upon, with structural steelwork supporting 700 m2 of CLT floor slabs and the retained frame of the Victorian building. This was provided by hybrid specialists B&K Structures.

Interior of Newson's Yard, a shopping arcade that was previously a timber yard, showing glazed roof and impressive lighting.

Newson’s Yard interior, showing glazed roof.

CLT panels formed part of the new internal structure and created an extensive mezzanine level, a significant part of the development’s identity.

The conservation of the timber yard’s aesthetic was important. The designers specified ‘Industrial Visual’ grade CLT slabs, which means it is high enough visual quality to be left exposed and also offers a long, robust working lifetime.

Benefits of prefabrication

Using a prefabricated mass timber system had inherent time-saving benefits that cut onsite prelims and supervision costs by 20% and overall construction time by 25-30% compared to traditional construction.

“Prefabricated timber panels meant that all elements and connections were able to be fitted offsite and erected very quickly,” commented B&K Structures’ Operations Manager, Craig Robinson.