Frequently Asked Questions

This list of frequently asked questions is here to help you make the most of your membership.

Your FAQs answered.

How can I become a member of TDUK?

  • For Design and Build membership, click here. From there, follow the steps, select the size of your company, pay your membership fees, and start making the most of your membership.
  • For Supply members, click here and follow the steps. Your application will be held in place while our team performs the required due diligence for your membership.

What benefits do I get by being a member of TDUK?

  • As a member of Timber Development UK, you are connected to an unrivalled network of suppliers, designers, customers and peers. You receive access to our comprehensive timber knowledge library; design and engineering publications; guidance and tools; high quality case studies; monthly webinars; technical helpline and advice; market guidance and data. For more information regarding memberships please write to us at

How can I add or change the information on my business profile?

  • The main contact of the company is automatically set as the ‘company administrator’ and will be able to add and edit information, delete contacts and create accounts. To do this, select the pencil icon on the right-hand side of each information box, allowing you to add or edit the information.

What do I do if I have a technical query?

  • Send us an email, to, with specific details of your query and one of our tech department will get back to you with an answer.

Can there be more than one company administrator?

  • There can be more than one, however it is not recommended to give administrative access to all staff members in order to avoid mistakes on the company profile.

How do I download resources?

  • Once logged in, members are able to download all resources in the resource library. (Non-members can access to the “Free Resources” when logged-in)

How do I register for events and seminars?

  • Members can attend all our seminars and events by registering online. You must first login, then follow the registration process on the right-hand side of events pages until you receive confirmation that you have successfully registered.

How can I access the free resources?

  • Even though most of our resources are for members only, there are some available to everyone. To access these, you must create a non-member account in order to login and then download them. To create a non-member account, click here and follow the steps.

How can I keep informed on events and latest UK timber information and news?

  • Sign up to the TDUK newsletter through the sign-up link at the bottom of TDUK’s website.

How can I find a member of TDUK?

  • Timber Development UK members are part of the biggest timber membership directory in the UK, covering the whole supply chain. You can search this membership directory by selecting “Find a member” at the top of the TDUK website.

Where can I find market data reports?

  • Go to “Supply” and click on “Market Date” where you can find monthly statistics, quarterly reports, construction market statistics (CPA) and statistics related articles.

How can I get my membership certificate?

  • TDUK has now moved to an electronic membership certificate. This is mailed to the main contact on the company’s business profile whilst also being uploaded onto the company profile.