Designing Timber | Issue 04

Issue 4 of Designing Timber, the TDUK magazine for specifiers

Designing Timber | Issue 04

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17 July 2023

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Matt Milton

The client-side champions of timber

There’s a recurring theme in this issue. Whether it’s offices, commercial spaces, schools or universities, all of our main articles make clear that enlightened clients think timber is the way forward.

Don’t underestimate the client, the tenant or the end-user – that’s one of this issue’s big messages.

Developer Theo Michell (Bywater Properties) makes this point in one of the magazine’s articles – he points out that clients and customers often have a good understanding embodied carbon. They frequently want to go further than regulations require.

This is particularly true of the commercial and office sectors. Increasingly, clients in these fields are hungry for information about a building’s carbon footprint. They’re concerned about their climate impacts and ESG – they need to know that their investments are net-zero compatible. Of course, clients are still governed by budgets and costs – they need to hit their bottom line. But another refrain from the contributors in this issue is that timber is not the more expensive option. It might cost slightly more in terms of like-for-like material costs, but in terms of the overall programme it works out the same – or even cheaper.

That’s mainly down to the incredible speed at which timber buildings can be put up – which means buildings can be occupied more quickly. Andy Heyne (Heyne Tillett Steel) and Jonathan Favorgue (Eurban) both make this point. And let’s not forget the wellbeing and aesthetic benefits, which give a timber building a genuine premium.
All the contributors who we spoke to this issue were refreshingly candid and very generous in the practical detail they shared with us. I know you’ll get a lot out of their insights.

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Bryony Bodimeade, Editorial & Publications Assistant
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A champion of sustainable architecture using timber, having joined Timber Development UK from RIBA in 2022, Matt brings more than a decade of experience to the magazine. In addition to the magazine, as the Editorial and Publications Manager Matt sees through a range of different design and knowledge outputs for our members.
Matt Milton