Meet our new Membership Development Manager

Timber Development UK

Laura Qualters, TDUK Membership Development Manager

Laura Qualters has joined Timber Development UK as our new Membership Development Manager.

This new role for TDUK will see Laura working in close partnership with our entire membership to support your goals as a TDUK member, and to ensure strong and engaged communication with both new and existing members.

Being a TDUK member gives you access to a wide range of support and resources that will help you to expand and grow alongside the largest group of suppliers, designers and specialists in the timber industry – giving you a really valuable platform to promote your products and services.

Laura has many years’ experience working in the timber industry. She says: “I hope that by sharing my many years’ experience and passion for timber with like-minded people, we can expand our knowledge and influence, and grow our industry together in joint collaboration, which in turn will help people see the real benefits of using timber products.”

If you would like to get in touch with Laura to find out more about how TDUK can support your business, email