Finsa Hidrofugo Plus MR-MDF

Finsa Hidrofugo Plus MR-MDF


Wood for Interiors

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Interior Fitments



Timber System


About the product

Finsa Hidrofugo Plus is a new high performance MR-MDF panel that can be used with confidence in areas of very high humidity. The core of Hidrofugo Plus boasts an exceptionally high dimensional stability (25% stronger than standard Hidrofugo), and a panel face that’s been specially designed to reduce preparation time.

The main appeal of Hidrofugo Plus is the speed at which it can be painted – It has a lower absorption rate than conventional Hidrofugo, so requires even less sanding and painting to complete the job. This means less time, less paint, less cost and less stress; all without scrimping on the overall quality of the panel.

Other notable qualities of Hidrofugo Plus include a greater density core, plus a stronger overall internal board. The panel also has enhanced machinability for routing; with sharper edges and finer detail. It’s the perfect choice for joiners and furniture manufacturers that need a dependable product with consistent qualities, plus a low swelling and absorption rate.

Hidrofugo Plus is available as standard in 2440mm x 1220mm, with three thicknesses available ex-stock at Decor Solutions. Standard Hidrofugo is also available in six thicknesses on forward order.

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