LENO® CLT Cross Laminated Timber


LENO® CLT Cross Laminated Timber


Wood for Construction

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Engineered Wood



Timber System


About the product

Large-scale, solid Cross Laminated Timber elements, produced from cross laminated spruce (CLT) boards, are perfectly suited for use in floor, wall and roof elements. The building elements are produced individually for each project and cut to millimetre precision. The solid timber elements can be produced with dimensions of up to 4.80 m x 20 m. The thickness varies from 60 mm to 300 mm, which ensures the most cost-effective cross-section for every possible load combination.

All elements and components are cut to the highest precision on fully automatic CNC machines, ready for installation.

– External walls
– Internal walls
– Floor elements
– Roof elements
– Party walls
– Special constructions, e.g. free from, curved, pre chambered or hybrid CLT components