Product Feature: Douglas Fir Plywood


Product Feature: Douglas Fir Plywood


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About the product

Canadian Clear-Faced Douglas Fir is a decorative plywood that’s full of character and flair. Its matured, sophisticated face; combined with wild orange hue; gives the panel an unmistakable grain uniqueness that is hard to replicate…

DHH Panel Products – widely known for its Birch Plywood expertise – are exclusive importers of Clear-Faced Douglas Fir Plywood within the UK. The unique Douglas Fir face veneer has a rich, complex variety in the heartwood; which ranges from warm yellow to dark brown. This is accompanied by a darker grain banding that gives the face its’ recognisable distinct appearance, and a light yellow sapwood that completes the look. You can also enhance the face further by using clear lacquers and oils to suit your individual preference.

This product, however, isn’t just a pretty face – The strength and versatility of the panel makes it suitable for structural and exterior conditions too. Douglas Fir is CE marked to EN:13896/EN:636-3 standards; and the plies are individually bonded with a Class 3 EN:314 waterproof phenolic resin; meaning that the edges of the ply can remain exposed (when treated) without compromising the overall integrity of the panel. The product also has a E1 formaldehyde rating.

The design possibilities of Douglas Fir Plywood are endless; and the panel can be used for a wide range of end applications – including fit out, wall lining & joinery projects, furniture manufacture and for structural uses.