Member survey on One Click LCA’s EPD Generator Tool

One Click LCA tool

The timber industry is uniquely placed to deliver the Net-Zero Carbon agenda, however many of the products we deliver into the supply chain still do not have sufficient carbon data associated with them, increasingly required in the form of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

One Click LCA is a pre-verified EPD generator that enables product manufacturers to develop robust EPDs, complying with EN 15804 +A2, ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14067, ISO 21930 and ISO 14025. We want to hear from you about whether you are interested in using this tool.

“EPDs are becoming a necessity for any business supplying products into the construction industry. By purchasing a One Click LCA hub licence we could help provide access for a wider group, particularly those who would only need to produce a small number of EPDs, at a fraction of the cost of a full annual One Click LCA licence (currently over £4,000 per annum).” says Charlie Law, TDUK Sustainability Director.

“If this sounds of interest to you – we would like to know. We are asking our members to fill out a two minutes Expression of Interest survey on your requirements, to allow TDUK to make a decision on whether to push ahead and purchase this members licence.”

What is the One Click LCA EPD generator tool?

With a very streamlined process, the One Click LCA EPD generator tool saves time and money, as the data used has already been pre-verified. One Click LCA will also provide the training required to enable organisations to produce their first EPD and background report. It is anticipated that an initial EPD will take between 10 and 12 weeks to produce, including the required training, with subsequent EPDs likely to take a lot less time. Once the documents are ready, they will review them and forward them to vetted and qualified, independent third-party verifiers and publishers.

TDUKs proposal to act as a licence hub

By acting as a licence hub, TDUK will be able to allow members to hire out the tool at a much-reduced fee to purchasing a complete annual licence. The charge will be £200 per month, based on an allocation of 1-day per week, so a four month use would only cost £800 whereas the tool would normally cost circa £4,400 for an annual licence.

We have also negotiated a 10% discount on a full annual licence, if members would prefer this option. In addition we have negotiated a 50% discount on the bespoke training required to use the tool, at a cost of £800 per organisation. This course lasts for 10 weeks, during which time you will produce your first EPD.

On 21 March 2023, Timber Development UK (TDUK) hosted a learning session for members on One Click LCA’s EPD Generator Tool – and now we want to hear from our members if they are interested in purchasing access to the TDUK hub licence.

Please note that external verification is an additional cost, and will depend on the complexity of the EPD, but will be around £2,000 for a simple timber product, and includes publication for five years on the EPD Hub. Discounts are available for multiple similar EPDs published at the same time.

We would like to understand the demand for this service before proceeding with the purchase of a licence, therefore we ask that interested organisations complete a short ‘Expression of Interest’ form to gauge uptake, and TDUK will make contact to discuss your requirements in detail. Click here to complete the form.

Watch back our recent webinar

On 21 March 2023, Timber Development UK (TDUK) hosted a learning session for members on One Click LCA’s EPD generator tool. For anyone interested in learning more about the tool, click on the video below to watch this event on our YouTube channel.

Want to find out more about the tool? Check out one of the upcoming EPD Bootcamps with one Click LCA (FREE).

Receive one week of free training (2 hours per day), during which you get access to a One Click LCA tool license.

This training will give you a much deeper understanding of the software process and sets your company up for a bespoke onboarding if you choose to move forward.

Details of the next EPD Bootcamp and how to register can be found HERE (starting 22nd – 26 May). Alternatively you can find the recordings from last year HERE