New product combines flexibility and decorative design

RigaWood has launched Riga Pattern+, a new material that blends functionality with aesthetics. Riga Pattern+ is a birch throughout plywood overlaid with a hard-wearing film that combines the decorative techniques with flexible design. It allows customers to explore a diverse range of textures and colours, enabling the creation of innovative designs on direct-pressed birch plywood surfaces.

Ainārs Bobulis, Head of Plywood Product Development, said: “The aim when developing the Riga Pattern+ concept was to empower our customers to craft distinctive, personalised products of high value. The product development journey has been a resounding success, resulting in a quality product with considerable potential for expansion.” 

Riga Pattern+ is suitable choice for light building, road transport and packaging industries. In residential or commercial spaces, Riga Pattern+ can be found in decorative wall and ceiling linings, as well as furniture.

Sales Director, Valdis Kulpe, added: “For customers who value the physical properties of birch plywood, combined with pleasing aesthetics, Riga Pattern+ and its diverse range of textures and colours provide an excellent solution. Additionally, customers can place orders in small quantities, as the application of new manufacturing technologies allows for a swift transition between different designs. Although we have begun by promoting the product in three distinct textures, it will soon be possible to choose from dozens of varying textures, or to even create an entirely new and unique texture.”

Users can choose between standard textures such as Leather, Rock and Slatewood, with phenol and melamine films in five different colours.