Product Safety Report: PAGED BirchPly FR Plywood

Product Safety Plywood

The Office for Product Safety and Standards has issued a Product Safety Report for PAGED BirchPly FR Plywood for use in construction works, found not to consistently achieve the declared reaction to fire performance.

The report states:

“Testing in accordance with EN 13501-1:2018 has found that the product may not consistently achieve Euroclass B for reaction to fire performance, despite being marketed as Euroclass B. The product may therefore not perform with the declared reaction to fire performance required or be suitable for its original desired application.

“This product does not meet the requirements of EU Construction Products Regulation 305 /2011 as they apply in the UK.

“The manufacturer has withdrawn the product from the UK market and and UK importers and distributors are to warn those they have supplied of the risk the product poses.

“The potential impact of lower performance of a product in relation to reaction to fire and building safety will vary on a project-by-project basis and will depend on factors unique to each building. Building owners should seek advice from their building safety officer, an independent inspector, fire safety officer or a relevant building control authority, as appropriate, and consider reviewing the building’s fire strategy if necessary.”

Additional information
PSD case number: 2305-0038


You can read the full Product Safety Report: PAGED BirchPly FR Plywood online here.