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Wood for Construction

Wood has been used in the construction of buildings and structures for thousands of years. Its inherent strength, versatility and durability make it an ideal building material for walls, floors, windows and roofs, as do its heat resistance and sound absorption properties.


Wood products used for building construction:

    Wood for Interiors

    Wood is an incredibly popular product that is often used by architects and designers to decorate the interiors of our buildings. This is because wood is durable, economical, easy to work with, long-lasting, and combines effortlessly with other textures to create a striking, inspiring aesthetic.


    Wood products used in building interiors:

      Wood for Exteriors

      As a natural material, timber is an attractive and logical choice for exterior structures such as fencing, cladding and decking. Wood is easy to work into any size or shape, and provides a warm, organic aesthetic that will blend well with any outdoor space.


      Wood products used in exterior settings:

        Wood Packaging & Pallets

        The transport of goods and materials is a multi-billion pound industry with wood products as its heart. Wood has long been used as a packing material to ensure that goods can be transported safely and without damage, with wooden pallets being a central part of this industry.


        Wood products used for packaging and pallets:

          Wood for Fuel

          While the majority of UK households are connected to the gas grid, there is still a significant demand for wood fuels to heat more rural properties, as well as those that have log burners, open fires and other heat sources such as biomass boilers.


          Wood products used for fuel:

            Timber Ancillaries

            As well as products containing wood, the timber supply chain also deals with a wide range of timber ancillary products. These are often required as part of a wood product’s installation, or as a way to treat the wood to ensure it is fit for purpose.


            Ancillary Wood Products: