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How we’re helping the industry to build a better world with wood
For more than a century, our built environment has been dominated by high carbon, energy...
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ABBA Arena - Front of House and Rainscreen - Copyright Dirk Lidner, via Wood Awards
Gimme Gimme Gimme glulam after midnight! Find out all about the ABBA Arena
Timber has played a fundamental role in building the ABBA Arena - the venue purpose-built...
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Download your free essential timber engineering manuals now
A set of three comprehensive timber design and engineering manuals has been launched by Swedish...
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Timber Building NMITE NAPIER
Upskill yourself on timber with our packed Knowledge Library and Timber TED courses
Timber Development UK has embarked on a new strategic partnership to put knowledge at your...
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2002's student participants, gathered at NMITE
TDUK’s University Design Challenge: educating the next generation of designers
A key part of Timber Development UK’s remit is to help educate the next generation...
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How should you assess timber when measuring embodied carbon?
As embodied carbon returns to the political agenda, TDUK offers advice on how architects and...
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The road to net zero is paved with timber, explains TDUK’s Sustainability Director
When you want to create a net zero carbon supply chain, sustainable timber has a...
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Is Integrated Project Insurance the key to conflict-free construction projects?
Louise Lado-Byrnes of IPInitiatives explains how her team is pioneering a new approach to the...
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The Building Safety Act: what do you need to know?
After months of debate and amendments, the Building Safety Bill finally received Royal Assent on...
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RHS Hyde Hall
How Cullinan Studio use timber design to enrich their clients’ environments
Carol Costello, architect and practice leader at Cullinan Studio, explains why they love working with...
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