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Brent Cross Pavilion

Embracing larch and spruce both in its structure and frame, Brent Cross Pavilion was the first building constructed in the new 180-acre Brent Cross Town development. With exhibition, work and events spaces, all served by a public café, the new facility communicates the vision of the development and acts as a welcoming gateway to the local community.

Balcorne Street

Studio Hagen Hall's transformation of a constrained terraced house takes inspiration from the precision and elegance of sailing boat joinery, with ingenious storage solutions concealed within the bespoke elm veneer furniture and fittings.

Oak Barbican Kitchen

Within the brutalist architectural icon of London’s Barbican Estate, this refurbished kitchen by Francisco Sutherland pairs oak veneer with stainless steel to create a visually stunning and highly practical space.

Use Class 4 treated timber: specifying, buying and installing

Preservative treatment provides wood with added durability (against decay and insect attack). But, it’s a mistake to assume that all treated wood is the same. The level of preservative protection required depends on where it is to be used.

Designing Timber | Issue 03

Third edition of Designing Timber, a magazine from Timber Development UK (TDUK) dedicated to architects, designers and anyone working with timber. If last month's Futurebuild conference is anything to go by, the world is waking up to the fact that timber really is the future of construction; This and more on this edition.