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TDUK Trade Note: HMRC timber import statistics and Coniferous Plywood data

Timber Development UK uses the latest timber import data, published by HM Revenue & Customs, to collate and release monthly updates on timber imports to the UK. According to HMRC statistics, softwood plywood imports experienced a 23.8% fall compared with January-February 2023. However, TDUK is concerned these figures are not being reflected in the current Coniferous Plywood quota – which as of 2 May 2024 only has 4% remaining.

Timber Topics May 2024 | Timber Treatments

Timber Development UK and The Wood Protection Association are working to improve merchants’ knowledge of the different timber treatments and when they should be used. In this month’s Timber Topics, TDUK offers some top tips on how to make sure you’re talking the right language when it comes to timber treatments, and how you can find the right information for your customers.

The Technique Building

The Technique Building received a new lease of life by a superstructure of glulam column-and-beam frame, and new storeys (with solid CLT floor slabs) added to the top. The building's six storeys feature high ceilings and generous open volumes.

Lower James Street

This rooftop extension of a 1920s office building used pre-fabricated CLT to create a dramatic double-height office space with a mezzanine floor and angled rooflights.


Located at the periphery of the Charlton Riverside industrial area in Greenwich, WorkStack provides an exemplary new model for building high density, affordable, urban workspaces.