Adhesive-bonded repair systems for structural timber

Adhesive-bonded repair systems for structural timber

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18 August 2022

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Although there is an increasing interest and application in using adhesive-bonded connections for new buildings, the main demand for this technology in the UK has been for repairs to structural timbers. The original concept was aimed at repairing historic structures. However, the technology is increasingly being used for repairing modern materials such as glulam and other Design > Engineer;ed wood products.

These repair systems can preserve historic surfaces while maintaining the serviceability of the building. Moreover, where changes of use require greater load bearing capacity, these systems may provide the necessary reinforcement without altering the appearance of the original timber.

This Wood Information Sheet (WIS) is an overview of the ways in which adhesive formulations are used in repair work and offers guidance on the suitability of adhesive-repair techniques for surveyors, designers and owners or keepers of structures.

Repair strategy
Applications of epoxy systems
Conditions of use
Structural action
Typical repair situations

Key Information

It is essential to co-ordinate proper design, material specifications, preparation and site practice, as these are all essential in ensuring good quality adhesive repairs.

Consider the whole lifecycle cost when deciding wheter to use an adhesive-bonded timber repair system.

When considering the repair of fissuries, ask whether the repair is for aesthetic purposes or is there a structural problem?

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