Design for timber structures Volume 1

Design for timber structures Volume 1

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22 September 2022

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Structural design involves choosing the dimensions of load-bearing members and modelling the load-bearing structure with regard to the requirements set for material resistance, performance and durability during the service life of the structure.

Structural design is based on verification. The aim of this verification is to show that the actual requirements are fulfilled for the chosen
material, dimensions and structural system. This verification can be achieved by calculation or testing, or by a combination of the two.

The design working life is the period for which it is assumed a structure is going to be used for its intended purpose, with anticipated maintenance but without major repair being necessary. A design working life of 50 years for buildings and 100 years for bridges is often recommended.

Key Information

Design of Timber Structures Vol 1 is the first in a set of 3 comprehensive design and engineering manuals published by Swedish Wood and Timber Development UK.

The 3-volume set is an ideal career-long companion for all levels of designer, from student to experienced professional.

Volume 1 gives insight to all Structural Aspects of Timber in Construction, with product information, design formulas and much more.

Case studies

In 2015, the architectural practice Squire and Partners purchased a dilapidated three storey department store in the centre of Brixton.

In 2019 an explosion of colour appeared on the sedate lawn of Dulwich Picture Gallery. It was the Colour Palace, a timber pavilion painted in exuberant geometric patterns and stripes in a kaleidoscope of zinging neon colours.