2024 Embodied Carbon Data for Timber Products

Embodied Carbon
Embodied Carbon

2024 Embodied Carbon Data for Timber Products

Date Published

30 January 2024


Embodied Carbon

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All materials have an embodied carbon value, which reflects the emissions from all stages of production, use and end of life. This data is normally captured in the form of a verified EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). This Timber Knowledge Sheet provides weighted average A1-A4 embodied carbon data for a number of common timber products, and outlines the methodology used to calculate them.

Key Information

Read this Knowledge Sheet to find out weighted average A1-A4 embodied carbon data for timber products including:

  • Sawn softwoods
  • CLT (cross laminated timber)
  • LVL (laminated veneer lumber)
  • Glulam (glue laminated timber)
  • I-joists
  • Softwood plywood
  • Hardwood plywood
  • OSB (oriented strand board)
  • MDF (medium density fibreboard)
  • Chipboard

The knowledge sheet uses A1-A3 embodied carbon data from verified EPDs, as well as information on UK production and imports from TDUK and Forest Research, to calculate a weighted average A1-A3 embodied carbon figure including and excluding biogenic carbon for the above products.

It also uses the data from the EPDs to determine a realistic scenario for the transport of these products to a nominal UK construction site to calculate a realistic A4 embodied carbon figure. The data has been verified in accordance with CEN/TR 15941:2010 and the verification report can be found here. A PDF of the data sources and figures can be found here.