Engineered wood products

Date Published

5 September 2022

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With engineered timber becoming an increasingly prevalent component in construction, it is important for members of the construction industry to understand not only the benefits and properties of Engineered wood products, but also the different types.

With modified wood products being improved upon on a seemingly daily basis, this choose and use sheet looks at some of the more common timber products now available in the UK, including Glulam, Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), I-beams/I-joists, Solid Wood Panels (SWP) as well as flooring, board and joinery materials.

Key Information

The key benefits of EWPs (Engineered wood products) are: Stronger and stiffer sections, consistent properties, available in long lengths and spans, manufactured at low moisture content so they can be installed in heated buildings with minimal shrinkage.

Case studies

The David Douglas Pavilion, a small but innovative new building constructed almost entirely of Douglas fir, is the central feature of the Scottish Plant Collectors Garden at Pitlochry.

The design of the new mosque in Cambridge, by Marks Barfield Architects, is based on the concept of ‘a calm oasis for contemplation, under a grove of trees’, inspired by the image of the garden of paradise.