Good Wood Business 3 Issue

Date Published

21 September 2021

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The Construction Leadership Council set out its ‘Roadmap to Recovery’ some weeks ago, featuring three phases for the next 18 months, under the headings: restart, reset and reinvent. Most of us will already be well into the ‘restart’ phase as business is already picking up, making up for lost time during the pandemic. But what of ‘reset’ and ‘reinvent’?

Case studies

The shell is formed of flat polygonal plywood panels, connected at the edges with hinges and faceted to form a dramatic curved shape. The name derives from the panel shapes which mimic the pattern of a giraffe’s colouring.

In the last few years, the derelict 12 acre walled garden adjoining Alnwick Castle has been transformed into a contemporary, public garden where an underlying planted structure unifies the Garden’s themes – spectacular water displays and quiet contemplative areas.