InFutuReWood: use and reuse of wood building components

Cover of InFutuReWood research summary
Cover of InFutuReWood research summary

InFutuReWood: use and reuse of wood building components

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28 April 2024

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Cover of InFutuReWood research summary

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The InFutuReWood project was a European research project that focused on the reuse of timber, especially in structural applications. It ran from March 2019 to March 2022.

The project looked both at current wood waste streams and their reuse options’ and timber buildings of the future and how to optimise them for reuse.

At that time, the subject was a novel research area for timber buildings, but this period saw many changes. It witnessed increasing concern about climate change, but also shortages of building materials caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and political events encouraged many to take more of an interest in the reuse and circularity of wood products.

This international research project unlocked the many ways timber can lead multiple lives as a construction material, long beyond just one building
Key Information

The project aimed to answer the following questions:

  • What is the situation today, and how can past experience help the future?
  • How easy is it to reuse wood from current buildings, especially as a structural material?
  • How can we build today to be circular tomorrow?

This detailed summary delves into the thorough answers that the project uncovered, as it carried out research into recuperating timber waste; re-using and upgrading timber; examining demolition, sorting and grading of resources; new timber buildings focused on circularity; and so much more.

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