Joinery handbook – for softwood furniture production

Joinery handbook
Joinery handbook

Joinery handbook – for softwood furniture production

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26 October 2022

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Joinery handbook

The Joinery Handbook is the result of a collaboration between Swedish Wood, the Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF), universities and colleges.

The content of this book is aimed at large companies, smaller joinery workshops and students who work in the design and production of furniture and fittings, predominantly in softwood. Each chapter opens with a general presentation of its content, along with a few perspectives on history and aesthetics.

Key Information

The book is split into chapters that lead the reader through a process from initial concept to final product. Sustainability, particularly of the ecological kind, is a key factor to take into account in every stage of the process.

However, the book also gives financial considerations plenty of attention, while also including a little about the historical and aesthetic dimensions. We have chosen to highlight these aspects as parts of a broader sustainability perspective.


Case studies

The design and layout of the new student accommodation for Somerville College was determined by its setting within the complex ancient lanes and boundaries of the University.

Steve Macken and his wife Deborah run their own wind farm development business, Lomond Energy, from their home just south of Loch Lomond. Given their business interest in renewable energy development, they had a natural and pragmatic desire to develop the property to high energy-effi ciency standards, primarily to control costs and achieve a good return on their investment, but also to reduce their carbon footprint.