Learn the Essential of Construction Products Regulation

Cpr for chinese plywood
Cpr for chinese plywood

Learn the Essential of Construction Products Regulation

Date Published

16 September 2022

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Cpr for chinese plywood

This guidance aims to support plywood importers in the UK/EU and manufacturers in China with tools and examples to understand, implement and demonstrate compliance in line with the Construction Product Regulation (CPR).

Key Information

Users of this tool will gain awareness of common areas of weakness and knowledge of the steps which can be taken to mitigate risk.


  • Obligations for importers and manufacturers
  • Key steps, requirements, and the expected outputs
  • Examples and common gaps
  • Factory checklist

Case studies

Cork House is unique; it is the built form of a radical new approach to construction and sustainable design.

This new five bedroom house was commissioned by a client, a family with four daughters, who well knew the work of Knox Bhavan Architects – the practice had converted a house for them in the Dulwich area some years ago. But as the family reached school age, more room was needed.