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Cpr for chinese plywood

Date Published

16 September 2022

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Cpr for chinese plywood

This guidance aims to support plywood importers in the UK/EU and manufacturers in China with tools and examples to understand, implement and demonstrate compliance in line with the Construction Product Regulation (CPR).

Key Information

Users of this tool will gain awareness of common areas of weakness and knowledge of the steps which can be taken to mitigate risk.


  • Obligations for importers and manufacturers
  • Key steps, requirements, and the expected outputs
  • Examples and common gaps
  • Factory checklist

Case studies

In the 1990s Oxo Tower Wharf entered a new lease of life when Coin Street Community Builders began a major refurbishment project to transform the building into an awardwinning mixed use development of co-operative homes, retail design studios, specialist shops, galleries, restaurants, cafes and bars.

The Two and a Half Storey House is a masterwork of three-dimensional imagination in timber and an ingenious solution to a common problem: how to create an extra bedroom in a two-storey terrace house.