Learn the Essentials of Due Diligence

due diligence toolkit
due diligence toolkit

Learn the Essentials of Due Diligence

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22 September 2021

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due diligence toolkit

This free interactive step-by-step toolkit will help you complete Due Diligence on your timber imports, and comes with a free reporting template to get you started.

Simply follow the flow chart steps, answer the questions in the space provided, add explanations where required, and save your work.

Key Information


  • Common high-risk factors to avoid
  • What/ how to report Due Diligence actions and outcomes
  • Country case studies + factory checklist
  • Useful contacts and references

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Case studies

The architect James Wyman has designed and built a small live work studio in an Oxford garden. It is distinguished by the careful detailing of its timber elements, winning the Small Projects category of the Wood Awards in 2014.

Focus House is something of an anomaly in its setting of a traditional Victorian London terrace, its zinc envelope contrasting markedly with the beige Victorian brick work of its environs.