Life cycle assessment

Date Published

11 August 2022

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Many industries, rather than simply responding to increasingly stringent regulation, are now actively seeking to develop more environmentally benign products and processes. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is one of the best known tools for assessing the environmental impact of activities.

Life Cycle Assessment is a process of compilation and evaluation of inputs, outputs and potential environmental impacts of a product system throughout its lifecycle.


Applications and limitations
Applications in construction
Implications for timber
Tools and support

Key Information

LCA attempts to address the issues of complexity and subjectivity and is widely recognised as an effective tool for assessing larger scale environmental impacts.

Case studies

The new theatre is small and intimate, a flat stage surrounded by two storeys of galleries framed in oak and lit by candlelight, creating what The Observer has described as ‘a strange play of authenticity and illusion’.

Cavendish Avenue is a tree-lined suburban enclave rich in architectural character and domestic diversity. The houses are large yet individual, creating an interestingly disjointed street frontage.