Mechanical fixings for wood

Date Published

5 September 2022

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Wood is a versatile material and can be supplied in a wide range of shapes, sizes and products. When fixing wood components together, or to other materials, there are many different methods to consider, from standard and specialist fixings, to modern synthetic adhesives.

Key Information

The first consideration when selecting fixings is whether the joint has to carry a structural load. If it does, a structural engineer must check the joint design.

You should also take account of other factors, such as: the type of wood or wood product to be fixed, what it is to be fixed to?, whether the overall product is to be loadbearing, and if it is for external or internal use.

Case studies

The Countryside and Community Department of Hampshire County Council commissioned the building as a base for sailing, canoeing, windsurfi ng and powerboat courses and to run courses in environmental studies for children and adults.

A new workshop/shelter for project work at the Architectural Association’s Hooke Park campus has been built and designed by the students themselves. The workshop is the latest in the collection of innovative timber buildings at Hooke Park.