Wood for Good Lifecycle Database

Wood for Good Lifecycle Database

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16 August 2022

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The aim of this learning resource is to introduce students and apprentices to the Wood for Good Lifecycle Database, which is an online resource that publishes generic Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data on behalf of the whole British timber industry.

Key Information

The Wood for Good Lifecycle Database is an online resource that publishes LCA data for the British timber industry.

It aims to provide environmental and design information to support the selection of timber over competing materials.

The methodology for producing an LCA is determined by the international standards ISO 14040 and ISO 14044.

LCA studies aim to evaluate a range of environmental impacts that occur throughout a product or material’s life cycle. One category of particularly high importance is global warming.

Case studies

The new Art and Design Building by architect Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios is designed to be the creative hub of the school and a physical embodiment of its values and ethos.

In 2003 Meredith Bowles completed a timber frame home for his family and an office for his architect’s practice in the Fens village of Prickwillow near Ely in Cambridgeshire.