EC5 and supplementary standards

Date Published

17 August 2022

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BS 5268, the British Standard for design of timber, contained most of the material properties of timber and related products within the standard. In line with other European Structural Design standards, Eurocode 5 does not list any properties for any of the constituent materials or timber related products within the standard. Eurocode 5 only details the design methodology to be used with any material.

Key Information

This module summarises the various different Eurocode-related supplementary standards required for designs to be complete to Eurocode 5.

Case studies

When the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl exploded in 1986, it devastated the land and people of Belarus with radioactive fallout, contaminating a quarter of the country. A new timber chapel commemorates the thirtieth anniversary of that terrible event, which forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes and land and settle elsewhere.

The new store at Cheshire Oaks, the third ‘sustainable learning store’ to be built, is also the second largest M&S store in the country and is the company’s flagship for sustainability, carbon efficiency, biodiversity and material innovation, with the use of
timber, both for construction and for fuel, as a central concept of the design.