Wood-based panels

Wood-based panels

Date Published

17 August 2022

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Wood-based panel products are sheet materials manufactured predominantly from wood in the form of veneers, strips, chips, strands or fibres. The categories of board materials are: plywood, particleboards, oriented strand boards (OSB), fibreboards including medium density fibreboards (MDF).

Plywood was developed to provide panels of improved dimensional stability and good strength properties, both along and across the sheet. Wood particleboards and fibreboards were developed to provide utility sheet materials with uniform properties.

Key Information

Four commonly used wood based panel types were introduced. The harmonised European standard for wood based panel products was also discussed with the different characteristics of panel products required for structural purposes. Different types of individual panels were also discussed with their relevant end uses.

Case studies

Two exceptional performance spaces, designed by Ian Ritchie Architects, have been seamlessly integrated into the Royal Academy of Music. Founded in 1822, the academy is Britain’s oldest conservatoire and is housed on the edge of Regents Park in a Grade II listed historic building which has long been extended and adapted.

A new Maggie’s Centre, designed by Wilkinson Eyre, has opened in the grounds of Churchill Hospital, Oxford. It is set in a small but protected copse of mature trees which screen it from the massive hospital building nearby.