Limit state design

Limit state design

Date Published

10 August 2022

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Eurocode 5 provides general rules and rules for buildings that are fundamental to the design of timber structures. Founded on the basis of design given in BS EN 1990, Eurocode 5 is a limit states, partial factor design code. In a limit state design codes, structures are designed for states beyond which the structure no longer fulfils the relevant design criteria.

Key Information

The two different limit states featured in Eurocode 5 – ultimate limit states and serviceability limit states – were defined. Partial safety factors or gamma factors were also outlined.

Key considerations in defining design values of actions were discussed with factors for representative values of actions listed. A simplified set of combination equations were also presented.

Case studies

When the late Maggie Keswick Jencks was diagnosed with cancer, she resolved to do something to help others who had the same diagnosis, to create a place of refuge for them where they would find practical and emotional support in a non-institutional environment.

The new Maritime Museum, completed in 2002, is set between the town centre and the large warehouses of the docks. Here it provides a focus for local identity and attracts the visitors on which the Cornish economy now depends.